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Osram 64657 250W halogenová lampa

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Informace o produktu
Osram 64657 250W halogenová lampa
Osram 64657 250W halogenová lampa
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Žárovka pro projektor
Žárovka do projektoru
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Lampa do projektoru
Display Systems: we create light for images in all dimensions.
Many events need impressive presentations in order to achieve their full effect. The brilliant large screens at pop concerts and professional multimedia presentations are excellent examples. For these pictures to impress the audience, OSRAM has developed extremely powerful and durable light sources. In our Display Systems Business Segment we have combined all the lamps that are used for presenting images and data. These include innovative high-intensity discharge lamps specially designed for multimedia data and video projection and high-tech lighting solutions for flat panel displays.

Entertainment: we turn light into a light show.
Competition in the entertainment sector is getting fiercer year by year. Success only comes to those who put on the best shows and reach the largest number of fans. Talent, creativity and energy have to be matched by perfect technical implementation. Lamps from OSRAM let stars appear in their best possible light right from the start. Our Entertainment Business Segment supplies lamps and lighting systems for a wide range of applications in the entertainment industry. Our customers – producers, directors, stage designers, club owners, architects and so on – always know where they can find powerful and reliable light sources to turn their creative ideas into reality. An OSCAR and an EMMY, awarded for the HMI, and the PLASA Innovation Award for the aluPAR speak for themselves.

Cinema: our lamps make films look good.
The cinema now performs a whole host of functions. It is a meeting place for people, young and old; it is a place where dreams and imagination come alive; it is where pictures and sound come together. And, lest we get carried away with the magic of the cinema, we should remember that it is an industry that turns over billions of dollars, pounds and euros each year. Yet all this would not be possible without a small but immensely important development – the artificial light source that enabled film to be projected onto a screen. Our Cinema Business Segment offers customer in the cinema industry sophisticated and enormously powerful special lamps for film projection. Here, OSRAM is building on years of tradition. In close cooperation with the film industry and in a spirit of mutual trust we have continually improved these lamps in terms of their brightness, efficiency, durability and environmental impact. It all adds up to hours and hours of pleasure for film fanatics throughout the world.

Semiconductor & Medical: our light produces semiconductors and LCDs and helps doctors make diagnoses.
However, innovations can only be achieved if the right tools are available. If the manufacture and testing of a product calls for extreme accuracy then optical processes are indispensable. Special lamps from OSRAM provide the perfect light for such processes. Our Semiconductor & Medical Business Segment supplies lamps that illuminate areas with high precision. This may involve ultraviolet (UV) radiation used for cleaning or forming surfaces or for microstructuring in the manufacture of semiconductors and LCDs. Light similar to natural daylight from xenon lamps for example is used in medical diagnostics for endoscopic examination of organs and cavities in the body. Infrared radiation from special halogen lamps is needed above all for industrial applications such as the manufacture of integrated circuits. This calls for very high and very precise temperatures to be applied reliably at short intervals. To ensure the right results in each case, the lamps are matched precisely to the relevant optical systems and applications.
Další informace:
Výkon topného tělesa
250 W
Životnost žárovky
300 h
Energetické požadavky
24 V
Hmotnost a rozměry
3.340 g
13.5 mm
13.5 mm
55 mm
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